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Modernize Your Electrical Infrastructure

If you do not have your wires and circuitry routinely maintained, you run the risk of falling out-of-code. Should an accident occur, being out-of-code can mean hefty fines levied against your business. With Center Electric Service on your side, you won't ever need to worry about having outdated and faulty electrical system.


Our crew works under the professional direction of the owner so that the standard of quality you've come to expect from us is always maintained. There will never be any fear that your wiring is inferior or insufficient when we are through with updating your systems to the most modern standards and guidelines.

Protect your home

Faulty wiring can cause devastating electrical house fires. Our team can rewire your home to protect from such a terrifying tragedy by bringing your systems to code and replacing your old wiring.

Avoid hefty lawsuits

Our team can also help update your commercial building's electrical systems. It is very important that an office has a modern and codified electric system to avoid potentially dangerous lawsuits should it malfunction.

Professional insurance work

Whether you are buying a new home or want to make sure you are not overpaying on your insurance, bring in our crew to do a complete and thorough inspection of your systems and wire work.

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